CUTS Shipping policy

We ship across the domestic United States, with no current international offerings.

Once we receive your order, we pass it along to our butchers who cut it fresh overnight! Orders arrive 24-48 hours after we ship, which means they’ll be fresh, safe, and cold on arrival, and we deliver weekly Tuesday-Friday with adjusted holiday dates.

If ordering for the weekend, we recommend ordering by Tuesday of the preceding week. Thursday orders will be processed on Sunday for shipping on Monday, as we don't currently offer weekend delivery.

CUTS General Info

Jay Cutler and Pat LaFrieda created CUTS as a way to bring their mutual love for amazing meat to all, and they take CUTS mission of making America’s finest meats accessible to every dinner table in the country seriously. Whether inspired by a meal they cooked with their own family, a remembered recipe from a grandparent, or an amazing meal out at a restaurant, Jay and Pat spend each month planning out each cut of meat that goes into a CUTS box. The thickness, style, and weight are carefully considered to bring you a unique and diverse array of meats each month, and the quality is always top-notch. 

At CUTS it’s All–American meat, all the time. We take care to work with family-owned farms across the America to bring you that USA flavor you crave, using humane processing systems designed by the legendary Temple Grandin, PhD. We only offer USA grass-fed and corn-finished beef, which results in the gorgeous fat marbling you'd usually only find in a top steakhouse.

CUTS is the only always-fresh meat box which offers USDA Prime beef nationwide, which represents the top 4% of all beef raised in America. Other boxes create their own labeling system or don't grade their meat at all, making it harder for you to know what value and quality you're getting. CUTS steaks are always sliced by hand and delivered fresh, never frozen, meaning you get the highest quality steaks at their peak flavor and savor.

Our Prime beef is complemented by heritage pork breeds, antibiotic-free chicken, and more. You’ll get anything from steaks to pork chops to chicken wings, all at quality levels you’ll find hard to get anywhere else. Buy CUTS because you want the very best quality meat out there, we think it's worth every penny.  

When you receive fresh meat, you can rest assured it’s coming to you shortly after being prepared. Fresh beef gives the highest flavor fidelity, and provides you the option to eat right after receiving your CUTS Box or freeze for your convenience later. Most other boxes source cheap meats from overseas, never telling you the origin, which are frozen in transit before ever reaching your fridge. We ship your meat in cold gel packs, which means you avoid handling that uncomfortable and inconvenient dry ice from the other guys. You can even reuse them for later! 

Most of our meats are unseasoned and gluten-free, and are freshly sliced in an environment free of nuts, seafood, and most other allergens. Some items like our Sweet Italian Sausage are packed with flavorful fennel, while others like our meatballs have some gluten elements. If you have an particular dietary restrictions you need further clarification on, our team is happy speak with you!

When You Receive Your Box

Please refrigerate items immediately upon receipt. Any meat items that will not be consumed within one week should be frozen. We recommend eating any frozen items within one month to avoid loss to freezer burn.  

3-5 days is generally a good rule of thumb for storing fresh meat, remember to refrigerate your CUTS Box immediately upon receiving! We recommend adding extra protection layers such as freezer bags or wrap to prevent freezer burn when you're ready to store meat longer term. CUTS meat will still be delicious out of the freezer when protected correctly, and we ship fresh to maximize your eating and storage options!

The simple test to determine if your meat arrived in good condition is to check that it is cool to the touch. The more advanced test is to measure the internal temperature of the meat. It should be below 50°F. Most use the simple test to avoid opening the packaging. If either test fails, then please contact us immediately. It is normal for the gel packs to be completely defrosted and remember that the meat has never been frozen. 

Please inspect packaging upon arrival to ensure items maintained their vacuum seal during shipping. Ideally, any item with a broken seal should be vacuum packed before it is stored. Alternatively, the item can be wrapped tightly with clear plastic food wrap with as little air as possible and stored in a zip top bag.  

CUTS Subscriptions

Sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month CUTS Subscription and you'll get 9lbs of fresh steaks and meats delivered right to your door. 3 and 6 month subscriptions give you a discount on every box! For the record, we fulfilled every order that came through our door in 2020, what meat shortage? 

While subscribing gives you the best deal, all of our CUTS Offerings are available as one-time purchases!

We always ship fresh, and hand-slice to order the night before we ship your meat.

We've got a fantastic record, but sometimes the unexpected happens.

Before we ship, we inspect every piece of meat going into your CUTS Box. Even with this attention to detail, occasional issues can occur during shipment. If an issue has occurred with your CUTS Box, please email customer service right away with your order number and photos of the contents at the time of delivery and the box it was shipped in. CUTS reserves the right to request further information and/or proof of damage.
Our customer service team will inspect the photos and determine whether the damage is related to packaging or improper handling by the carrier. If the error was on our end, we're happy to reship your order. If the damage was related to improper handling by UPS, we request you directly contact UPS to resolve the issue. 

CUTS is not responsible for any damages occurring during shipment.

We're grateful to have you as part of the CUTS Family.