Is This The Best Meat Subscription Box Ever?
Why's CUTS So Great?
We're glad you asked. CUTS is a subscription box like no other and the only box offering the highest grade of meat the USDA assigns: Prime. Other boxes create their own labels or don't grade their meat at all, making it harder for you to know what value you're getting. CUTS steaks are always sliced and delivered fresh, and never frozen, meaning you get the highest quality steaks at their peak flavor and savor.
Did we mention your meat's All-American? Other boxes source cheaper cuts from overseas (frozen in transit, ugh) while we take care to work with family-owned farms across the country to bring you that USA beef you crave.
Sweet. How Can I Get My Meat?
Sign up for 1, 3, or 6 months of CUTS and you'll get a monthly box of fresh meat delivered, guaranteed. We fulfilled every order that came through our door in 2020, what meat shortage? When you sign up you'll get CUTS-exclusive meats, 6 month subscribers will get even more incredible options in boxes 5 & 6 including meats like Prime Wagyu!
You All Must Really Love Meat
We're obsessed. Our butchers combine good old-fashioned knife skills with cutting edge technology to create meat masterpieces as they slice through the night. You're receiving a box from real butchers who really know their stuff, keeping their knives sharp at our New Jersey headquarters.